Essential IT

​Essential IT is an IT induction for all new members of staff at Cardiff Met. The induction aims to: introduce essential IT systems and software that are used throughout the university, explore best practice ideas when using IT at Cardiff Met and provide avenues of support and pathways for further IT training.

Target Audience

​This session is compulsory for all new members of Cardiff Met staff


​There are no prerequisites for this course

Good overview of what is available. Very helpful

Course Structure

Essential IT forms part of the university's induction programme.​ The induction takes a hands-on, practical approach, getting you up and running with crucial software and systems. The session lasts about 2 hours, with a short break halfway through.

Upcoming Courses

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Specific Learning Outcomes

​The session covers the following topics:

  • Your Cardiff Met IT Account
  • Document Storage and Management
  • Digital Communication @ Cardiff Met
  • Essential Software and Systems
  • Getting Help & Training