Digital Skills Framework

Cardiff Met's Digital Skills Framework provides a way for staff and students to:

breakdown of digital capabilities.png
  • Identify digital skills development areas that are relevant to them.
  • Develop those digital skills by using a curated bank of resources and training.
  • Certify your skills to provide evidence of your professional development.

It is an excellent opportunity to develop and prove digital skills that are most relevant to you.

The framework is comprised of:

  • the Discovery Tool that helps you reflect on your current digital skills and practices, 
  • a report that breaks down your strengths and areas for development,
  • training courses and resources to develop skills that most relevant to you and
  • qualifications and certification options to prove your digital skills.

To get started, you can attend an Introductory Session or use the Quick Start option.

Introductory Sessions

The introductory sessions provide an overview and access to the framework, with time for questions and answers.

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Quick Start

To get started with framework, take a look at our brief (3 minute) video tutorial for guidance on how to use the framework.

The next step is to complete the Discovery Tool (reflective survey). Follow the appropriate link below and sign-in to your Cardiff Met account, if prompted.

Cardiff Met Students

>>Access the Discovery Tool questionnaire for STUDENTS


Select Current students (Higher Education) to begin. If you get stuck, take a look at the additional guidance for students.

Cardiff Met Staff

>>Access the Discovery Tool questionnaire for STAFF

Select Overall digital capabilities to begin. If you get stuck, take a look at the additional guidance for staff.

A few more details

Here's a few things to bear in mind when using Cardiff Met's Digital Skills Framework:

  • The report is private to you, so answer the questions honestly to get a true appreciation of the areas of digital capabilities you are strong, and less-strong in.
  • We recommend exporting a PDF of your report and storing it on your OneDrive (use the PDF icon on the top-right of the report). The intention is that the Digital Skills Framework is a continual process giving you an understanding of how your digital capabilities change over time.
  • You may score lower for some areas of digital capabilities, but some areas will be more relevant to you than others. The report explains what each area constitutes, so try to consider how relevant that area is to you, your studies and your career-path.
  • There are three ways to access the resource banks: the tiles integrated into the report, the Digital Skills Framework Resource Bank on Moodle, which categorises the resources, or an A-Z glossary version.
  • Certification in the form of Microsoft Office Specialist and Information Technology Specialist qualifications and Cardiff Met digital badges, which are available for all our major courses. You can find links to these courses in the resource banks.