Designing Effective Surveys with Qualtrics - Foundation

Learn the basic principles of good survey methodology and the technical skills required to create effective surveys using Qualtrics software.  Successful completion of the course leads to the Online Survey Designer - Foundation digital badge and certificate.

Qualtrics is Cardiff Met's survey software that any student or member of staff can use to create and distribute online surveys. This course aims to give you the technical skills and survey methodology knowledge you need to create, distribute and analyse surveys.


The course consists of four mandatory face-to-face training sessions, that are each 1 hour long and 3-5 hours of additional learning in the form e-lessons and a project based assessment. Estimated learning time: 7–9 hours.

The course runs twice a year, in the Autumn and Spring terms.

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Target Audience

Cardiff Met students or staff.


​There are no formal prerequisites for this course, but it is recommended you visit before the course to get a feel for the software.


The course is free to Cardiff Met students and staff

Excellent course. Very clearly organised. Using the exercises to help me understand the training was very helpful.

Course Structure

The course is comprised of​ four mandatory training sessions, that are each 1 hour long and an additional 2-4 hours of learning in the form e-lessons and a project based assessment.

The first session introduces Qualtrics and focuses on creating surveys and questions and setting appropriate options. 

The second session explores the different question types available in Qualtrics. It looks at how to configure survey logic, which can be used to specify the path respondents take through a survey depending on their answers.

The third session suggests a survey design process you may wish to adopt when designing your surveys. The final type of survey logic is introduced and we look at how to collaborate on surveys with colleagues.

The fourth session looks at distributing your survey to respondents. The Data & Analysis - for viewing and exporting responses - and Reports - for aggregating and reporting on data - modules are explored.

The final component of the course is a practical assessment. You will design a survey using Qualtrics that demonstrates good survey methodology. The survey can be a "real-life" survey that you need to create for yours research or job, or it can be one that is of interest to you.

Estimated amount of learning time:

  • Classroom teaching:
    • Session I - 2 hours
    • Session II - 2 hours
  • E-learning: 1 hour
  • Practical project assessment: 2 - 4 hours
For a total of between 7 - 9 hours.

Digital Badge Certification

The Online Survey Designer - Foundation badge

Successful completion of the full course leads to the Online Survey Designer - Foundation digital badge and certificate.

The digital badge is issued by Cardiff Metropolitan University through the Acclaim platform.

To complete the course and gain the digital badge, learners are required to complete the face-to-face training and pass a practical project assessment.

Earners of this badge are able to apply basic principles of good survey design to create online surveys that capture data effectively. Using Qualtrics survey software they have proven that they are able to: create a range of survey questions, utilise survey logic to adjust survey flow and customise the aesthetics of a survey. They are familiar with the survey design process and are to apply best practice principles when designing a questionnaire.

Visit the Digital Badges at Cardiff Met page to find out more about our digital credentialing programme.

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Specific Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course learners should be able to:

  • Plan the design and structure of a survey to capture data in a coherent way.
  • Use Qualtrics to create a range of question types, including: Multiple Choice, Text Entry, Matrix Tables (Likert scales), Sliders and Rank Order.
  • Utilise survey logic to adjust survey flow and question content, as determined by earlier responses.
  • Share and collaborate on surveys with colleagues.

  • Customise the Look & Feel of a survey.

  • Adhere to good survey design practices to gather the data you require, effectively.
  • Distribute a survey through anonymous distribution and social media.
  • View and download survey response data.

  • Create simple reports to present survey data.

Next steps

We are planning to develop an intermediate level course that explores more Qualtrics features, such as Survey Flow, creating variables with embedded data, identifiable email distribution and advanced reporting. The course will also look at survey design techniques to minimise bias and improve response rates. The course isn't ready yet, but we will let all Cardiff Met students and staff know when it is ready.


Got a question?

See whether the Certification FAQs page answers it, or find out more about more about Digital Badges at Cardiff Met.  If you still have questions, get in touch with the IT Training team via email.