Accessing Student Email

1. To access your student email when you are using a university PC, you can visit the student portal and click on the Email icon.

If you are using a PC/Laptop outside the university, please follow these steps to access your email:

a. Open your web browser and visit
b. You will see a logon screen. Please confirm that you are on a Private Computer, then enter your Student Number and Network Password and press the Log On button.


2. Your student email will now load in the browser. When your email is loaded, you will see the following screen which is your home screen. Click on the Mail icon to access your email.

accessing_student_email3.pngYour email dashboard

A) The search box

B) Notification, settings and help

C) Email tools bar

D) Folders pane (inbox, clutter, sent items etc)

E) View your existing and new emails

F) The preview window

accessing_student_email4.pngCreating a new Message

1) Within the email tools bar (C), select New.


2) When your email composer is loaded, you will see the following screen which is the 'wysiwyg' editor. Fill in the recipient's email in the To field and compose your email below it. Click on the Send icon to send your email.

accessing_student_email6a.png Tips: By clicking on the '3 Dots' icon (see below), you will see additional options such as showing the Bcc field and setting the importance level.


Configuring Options

There are a number of configurations you can apply to your account. Simply click on the Cog icon (top-right), then select Options to view a list of configurable options.

accessing_student_email7.pngForwarding your E-Mail

1. You can forward your Cardiff Met email to your personal account. Click on the Cog icon and then select Options.


2. From the left pane of the Options screen, select Forwarding.

accessing_student_email9.png3. Under the Forwarding section, select the Start forwarding option and then simply type the email address of the account you wish to forward the email to. It’s wise to ensure you keep a copy in your Cardiff Met account so please ensure the 'Keep a copy of forwarded messages 'tick box is Ticked. Finally, click the Save icon.


Conversation View

You can organise your email in conversation view. This means that all emails that relate to each other are grouped together. You can toggle this on or off by clicking on the All options and in the drop-down menu, select Conversations.