Windows 10 is coming…
Article Date: 10/03/2016

Windows 10 is coming to Cardiff Met and we want to keep you updated with details of when, how and why.  To do so, we have developed a Windows 10 site on the Study pages.

Start Menu Windows 10 CMet.pngYou might want to start with the Project Overview page. Here you'll find an interactive timeline that explains the process we're taking with the upgrade, with milestones indicating when things should be done.

If you're curious as to why we're upgrading to Windows 10, take at the Why Windows 10 page that explores the benefits of the new operating system.

For early adopters, the site also hosts the Windows 10 Quick Start Guide and a page of Tips & Tricks; use them to get up and running with Windows 10.  Like Windows 10? Love Windows 10? Hate Windows 10?  Let us know by completing the feedback survey.

The site will evolve as the project progresses, so keep an eye on @CardiffMetLearn for future updates.