Modern Desktop Environment - Windows 10 Project Update
Article Date: 23/03/2017


As part of the MDE Programme, we would like to give you a quick update on the Windows 10 Rollout Project…​​

We have reached a significant milestone in the project as Phase 1 is about to be completed, so here is an update on how the project has gone so far.  As it stands, approximately 1100 PCs across the university have been upgraded to Windows 10, with just under 200 of those being staff machines.  A big thank you again to all of our Early Adopters – the assistance and feedback that you have given to the project has been invaluable!

From Monday 3rd April, any desktop or laptop that is purchased by staff will come with Windows 10 as standard.  Any machine that requires a rebuild will be upgraded to Windows 10 subject to meeting the required hardware specification (to see whether your PC meets the required spec, please contact the IT Helpdesk).  If you are a Mac user and would like an instance of Windows 10 on your device, then you'll need to buy a licence for a product called Parallels first, to enable you to run Windows 10.  For more information, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Currently there are no plans to perform a mass-rollout of Windows 10 in the near future, but this will be discussed and planned in the next phase of the project.  Microsoft aim to release 2-3 'feature updates' every year to bring new functionality and features to Windows 10.  The next phase of the project will look to update our existing systems to allow us to cater for those updates.