Skype For Business & OneDrive for Business (for Cardiff Met Staff)
Article Date: 13/01/2017

Information Services are delighted to announce the general availability of Skype for Business & OneDrive for Business to all Cardiff Met Staff.

These Microsoft Office 365 technologies are being delivered as part of the Modern Desktop Environment Programme. You will find a brief overview of these new communication and collaboration features below:

OneDrive for Business
OneDrive for Business (OD4B) alongside SharePoint Team-Sites is now an official Cardiff Met storage platform for your documentation. It is a cloud-based service that provides 1TB of file storage and collaboration features across a variety of devices.

You can open and save directly to your OneDrive storage from Office Applications across PC, Mac and iPad/Android as well as uploading and downloading files using a variety of popular web browsers. All files stored on OD4B can be accessed securely from any internet connection in the world.

Your OD4B can and should be used as a replacement for your SharePoint MySite and any other cloud storage you may be using for work documents. It should also be considered a replacement for the 'H: Drive' for most users (contact us for further information if you store more unusual file-types, such as CAD files), and for storing any documents that may have been placed on local (C:) drives and portable storage devices, such as pen drives. The information provided on the Study Portal provides a good overview as well as guidance on its use in conjunction with other Cardiff Met storage.

Skype For Business
Skype for Business (Skype4B) is a communications platform that provides us with the flexibility to communicate effectively from the comfort of our own desk!  Skype4B includes; video & audio conferencing, instant messaging and the sharing of documents. Using Skype4B, staff can connect with co-workers across campuses, at home, or on the other side of the world.

To get the best experience with Skype4B on a computer we recommend that you have Office 2016 installed. Guidance on upgrading to Office 2016 can be found here. Skype is also available on MacOS and mobile devices with apps available in both the Apple & Google Play Stores.

To get started with installing and using Skype4B click here.

The next phase of the project will be investigating how we can bring the benefits of Skype4B to Students and we'll provide you with an update on that in due course.

If you have any questions relating to OneDrive or Skype please call the helpdesk on extension 7000, or you can log a support request at