Microsoft Excel Certification and Training now available to students, for free
Article Date: 11/01/2018

Library & Information Services is offering students Microsoft Office Specialist Excel certification and a comprehensive training course, for free, as part of Enhancement Week.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is a globally renowned Microsoft qualification programme that certifies expertise in Office software.  At Cardiff Met we have combined the MOS Excel qualification with bespoke training to offer high quality, relevant training that allows you to prove your skills to employers.

The course begins in Enhancement Week with an induction and Key Concept session. The session will explain the resources available – a comprehensive e-learning course, practice projects, Microsoft textbooks and GMetrix practice software – and will set you off on your MOS Excel journey by exploring one of the core pillars of Excel: formulae and functions.

Sign-ups are now open on CareersHub for these sessions (sign-in with your Cardiff Met account):


After the initial session, the remainder of the course will be delivered through e-learning, practice projects and additional Key Concept sessions.  Trainees can use the Key Concept sessions to get help from the course team, or we can be reached anytime through email or the MOS Yammer group.

The course culminates on the 14th or 15th March with the MOS Excel exam. Trainees will be well prepared for the exam, as in addition to the course material all trainees will be issued with a licence for GMetrix practice software, which provides an accurate simulation of the MOS exam.

Gaining the MOS Excel qualification will help you work with and present data as part of your studies, has proven benefits in terms of productivity, confidence and proficiency with Office software, but most importantly it allows you to stand-out to employers.  Employers see many CVs that include "I am proficient in Office software", yours will have an extra edge as it could read "I am proficient in Office, as exemplified by gaining a Microsoft Office Specialist qualification". 

Upon passing the MOS Excel exam you will receive:

  • a physical and digital certificate
  • a digital badge that can be used to share (e.g. on LinkedIn) and verify your achievement with employers
  • Microsoft Office Specialist is a verified Higher Education Achievement Report (replacement for academic transcript) activity that will appear in section 6.1 of the report; another means of proving to employers you have the skills you claim.


For more information about MOS take a look at the IT Training site or the Microsoft Learning pages or drop us an email if you have any questions