Modern Desktop Environment Launch
Article Date: 20/07/2016


May 2016 sees the launch of a significant and ambitious new programme at Cardiff Met, which aims to deliver a new computer desktop environment for all staff and students.


The programme, currently consisting of 15 projects, will introduce new technologies, services, systems and ways of working that will impact on how we use computers across the organisation.

The MDE programme, which will help to deliver the Technology and Information Strategy, promises to deliver the following benefits to staff and students:

Flexibility - To be able to work and learn whenever and wherever.

Productivity - To deliver tools and technology that improve the ability to research, work and learn.

Communication and Collaboration - To deliver a technological environment that allows communication globally, smoothly and effectively.

Security - Balances flexibility with mitigation of increased vulnerability to threats.

For more information on the Programme, including details on each of the projects within, and timescales please visit our website.

If you have any queries or concerns relating to the Programme, please feel free to contact us