Introducing...Point of Business!
Article Date: 26/07/2016

Introducing.....POINT OF BUSINESS!
POB Logo.jpg 

On Monday 1st August, Information Services will be rolling out a new Helpdesk Case Management System entitled Point of Business, within the IT Helpdesk.  Point of Business will allow us to log, track, and manage the helpdesk calls you log with us from start to finish, providing us with the ability to improve the way we engage with the different support teams within IT, in order to resolve your problems more efficiently and effectively. 
Alongside the Case Management System, we will also be introducing a Self-Service Web Portal which will provide you with the ability to log and update your own helpdesk calls (this is entirely secure and can only be accessed with your Cardiff Met username and password).  Within the Self-Service Web Portal, you will also be able to oversee your calls and see first-hand what progress has been made with your issue(s) by our support teams, by reading the case notes and adding to them yourself (you are also able to add any relevant attachments such as Word documents or screenshots to the specific Case).  The portal will be found at the following link:
A quick 5 minute guide on how to use the Self-Service Web Portal can also be found here:
At the present time, the Portal will only allow you to log and update your own Cases, however the potential to incorporate different tasks within the portal is coming…so watch this space!
If you wish to find out more information about this, then please contact the IT Helpdesk on 7000 or