Intermittent connectivity on Cardiff Met Wi-Fi
Article Date: 10/02/2016

​We have had a number of reports of problems with devices, particularly Apple iPads and iPhones, suffering intermittent connectivity on WIFI. In many cases this appears to be because devices are continuing to connect to "eduroam_setup". The WIFI network "eduroam_setup" should only be used during initial set up. If you should notice your device reconnect to "eduroam_setup" then please ensure it is disabled as follows.


1.   Go to your device's WIFI Settings screen.


2.   If you find that your device is connected to "eduroam_setup" then click (i)

3.   From the "eduroam_setup" screen then ensure that Auto-Join is switched off


For more information please contact the IT Helpdesk on 02920 41 7000 or