IT Training for the Spring Term
Article Date: 16/01/2017

This term's IT training schedule includes Windows 10, SharePoint, Business Objects and Qualtrics.

As traction builds for Windows 10, we are again offering our Working with Windows 10 course.  The course not only looks at Windows 10 features, such as an improved Start menu, virtual desktops and Task View, but also explores associated software that makes up the Windows 10 experience at Cardiff Met.  So you'll learn how OneDrive for Business can be used to store and manage your personal documents, how Skype for Business can be used for video conferencing and you'll get introduced to Office 365.

Managing documents and data is a daily task for most Cardiff Met staff.  Our SharePoint and Business Objects courses will help you do so effectively, efficiently and securely:

  • Getting Started with SharePoint is an essential course for all Cardiff Met staff, it explores how SharePoint can be used to store, share and collaborate on documents.  Learn how to upload documents, search effectively and use document management features such as Version History.
  • Team Site Admin with SharePoint is targeted at any SharePoint administrator.  Topics covered include: creating new team sites and libraries, customising sites, administering collaboration features and, crucially, setting appropriate permissions.

Business Objects is business intelligence software that can be used to analyse and report on corporate data, such as data held in the Student System.  There are two Business Objects courses available:

  • Business Objects: Introduction this course will build your confidence in using both the Business Intelligence Launch Pad and the Web Intelligence reporting tool.  Topics covered include: viewing and organising personal and corporate documents, formatting reports and organising and summarising data.
  • Business Objects: Intermediate will extend your Business Objects knowledge and skills, enabling you to produce and share complex and well-presented documents.  Learn how to: create and use document templates, use multiple queries and reports and create formulae.

Designing Effective Surveys with Qualtrics is a two-morning course that provides a comprehensive examination of how Qualtrics can be used to create, distribute and analyse surveys.  The course covers: planning and creating a new survey, using survey logic, sharing surveys, customising the look and feel, distributing surveys and the reporting tools.

Finally, just a quick reminder for our Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel 2016 pilot cohort, the course begins with the induction session on 24th Jan.  To find out more about MOS, or to express an interest in future courses, visit our MOS pages.

For more information, a schedule, resources and sign-up links, please visit the IT Training website