IT Training for the Summer Term
Article Date: 29/03/2016

The summer IT training schedule for staff includes a full programme of SharePoint courses, two levels of Photoshop training, Office, Prezi and Qualtrics.

Getting Started with SharePoint with 2010 aims to help you store, manage and share your documents effectively using our document management platform, SharePoint.  The course, which is recommended for all staff, looks at how to navigate and search SharePoint, upload files in a range of ways and explores useful document management tools such as Version History.

Our SharePoint administrator courses are recommended for all SharePoint administrators, from those who look after top-level unit/school sites to small project site administrators:

  • Team Site Admin with SharePoint 2010 gives you the skills you need to effectively run a SharePoint team site, from creating new sites and libraries, to using communication tools such as announcements and calendars, to the all-important setting of permissions.
  • Efficient Admin with SharePoint 2010 explores ways of getting SharePoint to work for you and your team. Learn how to organise libraries better with columns and views, explore the vast potential of lists and workflows and find out more about permissions best practice.

Our Office 2013 courses are tailored to Cardiff Met with examples and scenarios that are likely to be relevant our staff:

  • Communicating Effectively with Outlook 2013 – explores useful but underused tools that can help you manage your email, calendar and to-do list more efficiently.  Topics include: flags & tags, Quick Steps, rules, effective searching, sharing calendars and the to-do bar.
  • Foundation Excel 2013 – begins by looking at how to organise and format spreadsheets by covering topics such as inserting data, number formatting and worksheets. The course then progresses onto data analysis: formulae, functions, AutoFill and sort are all examined.
  • Intermediate Excel 2013 – is focused on tools and techniques for analysing and presenting data; turning it into information.  Topics include: filtering data, absolute vs relative references, Excel Tables, conditional functions, conditional formatting and PivotTables.

Also returning this term is Presenting with Prezi, which looks at how Prezi can be used to create dynamic, engaging presentations.  Learn how to fully exploit the "zoomable canvas", use images and videos to create highly visual presentations, and utilise frames to tell your story.

The Preparing Images with Photoshop courses look at the fundamental skills required to work with images.  Whether you use images in presentations, handouts, the web or social media, these courses will help you get your images looking great.  The Level 1 course covers: resizing, retouching, exporting, layers and selection tools.  Level 2 topics include: grouping and aligning layers, layer styles, masks and adjustment layers.

Designing Effective Surveys with Qualtrics is a comprehensive course on how to use our popular and powerful survey software, Qualtrics.  Learn how to: use a range of question types, add logic to direct survey flow, customise the Look & Feel, distribute surveys and create good looking reports.

For more information, a schedule, resources and sign-up links, please visit the new IT Training website: