Updated 10th Jan - Computer Chip Flaws
Article Date: 04/01/2018

UPDATE: If you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad etc.) update it to iOS 11.2.2 to protect against this vulnerability, this can be done from the settings icon (cog), General - Software Update, More help can be found at https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204204

If you have a macOS device the following updates are available depending on which version of the OS you are running:

  High Sierra -  Update 10.13.2, 
  Sierra - Security Update 2017-002 
  El Capitan - Update 2017-005

Instructions for updating your mac can be found at https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201541


PCInternals.jpgYou may be aware of the CPU security flaws being publicised this week: and an overview and more information can be found at


We are aware of this issue, At this stage Microsoft has issued patches for Windows 10 and a number of Server Products with other MS Operating Systems due soon.

A number of the patches have a requirement for Anti-Virus compatibility and we await feedback from Sophos on this and once resolved, we will deploy patches to our PC patch test rings via our usual delivery platforms. Once testing is completed, and if there are no showstoppers, we will then deploy to all Desktop systems.

We recommend that you frequently check your personal computers have the latest operating systems updates.