Calling all Cardiff Met Researchers
Article Date: 05/10/2015

You are invited to take part in a worldwide survey of scholarly communication tool usage.

It is easy to complete and take just 10 minutes - Just click the icons for the research tools you use. All data collected is fully anonymized. 

By participating in this global research project you will help increase the understanding of research workflows.

Help to build a picture of research tool usage at CardiffMet

We have opted to set up a dedicated link for survey respondents at Cardiff Met.  This will enable us to receive a summary of our own collective results at the end of the survey, which will provide us with useful information about use of research tools at Cardiff Met.  

Who can participate?

Anyone carrying out research (from Master's students to professors), or supporting research (for example Library staff, RES staff) can participate.

Cardiff Met Staff and Students....

Click here to take the survey

Please note: The link above is exclusive to Cardiff Met.  If you wish to share the survey with others outside the organisation, please direct them to this link: