iOS 10 - Cardiff Met Wireless Network Problems
Article Date: 18/11/2016

​The latest update of Apple’s operating system (iOS 10) has caused several different issues with Apple devices connecting to Cardiff Met’s wireless network. Symptoms of these issues are, intermittent disconnections, unable to refresh social media apps and web pages not loading.

Please follow the steps below.

Open the Settings application then choose General.

Then scroll down and choose Profile.


Next you need to choose Delete Profile.

​Next choose Delete.

You now need to reset your network settings. This will reboot your device!

To reset your phone tap Settings – General and scroll down to the bottom and choose Reset.


You will then be asked to enter your PIN. Next you are asked to confirm the reset of the network settings. Your device will then reboot.
Once this is complete you will need to reconnect to eduroam_setup and go through the registration process.
This should have fixed your issue, if not, please contact the IT Helpdesk​.