Microsoft Teams

​Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, video and audio calls, meetings, notes and files. The service integrates many Office 365 applications, such as SharePoint Online, Planner and Stream, and puts them in one easy to reach location. 

These pages explain more about how you can use Teams and Office 365 to improve communication and collaboration for your team. All Cardiff Met students and staff can join a Team or even set up their own.


Cardiff Met is going 'Teams Only' on 1st September 2019!

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Getting Started with Teams and Training

The Getting Started with Teams and Training page explains how to install and sign-in to Teams. 

Although Teams is intuitive to use, completing at least basic training is strongly recommended. The page explains the four training options available: online learning, a comprehensive face-to-face course, custom group sessions and class introduction sessions.

When should I use Teams? Where should I store my files?

We appreciate there are lots of different communication tools and storage platforms available to Cardiff Met staff and students.  Take a look at the Communicating and Collaborating at Cardiff Met for advice on core communication and storage tools.

How are other people using Teams at Cardiff Met?

As part of the Microsoft Teams project we asked some departments to run pilot projects which looked at specific areas such as using teams in a class, working with external partners, using Teams for research.

Teams Champions

Our teams champions are people who have been involved in testing Teams in Cardiff Met prior to its launch.  Some of our Champions have experience of using teams in different settings e.g. Collaborating with external partners, using teams in the class room.  If you're after some teams advice these are the people to send a quick teams chat request to.  To find out who our Teams champions are click here

Teams and Skype for Business

Microsoft Teams is intended to be the successor Skype for Business. Initially you will be able to use both Teams and Skype for Business, both applications will work independently of each other,  e.g. if somebody sends you a Skype 4 Business message it will appear in Skype 4B, if somebody sends you a Teams message it will appear in Teams.  You will also be able to schedule meetings using either Skype4Buisness or Teams. 

On September 1st 2019 we will be disabling Skype4Buisness (switching to Teams Only Mode), after this point if anyone sends you a Skype 4B Message it will appear in your Teams app.  Likewise you can use Teams to send messages to other peoples Skype 4B applications.  These message will only be in plain text.  You will also be restricted to creating Teams only meeting requests.

If you wish to move earlier to Teams only mode before September 1st or have a reason to continue using Skype 4B after September 1st please contact the IT Helpdesk

Equipment and software

You can use Microsoft Teams on the computer on your desk, your laptop, iPad and the phone, teams is all about making the information you need available wherever you are.  To find out how to install the teams software or how to purchase webcams and headsets click here.



Teams is new product so you will have lots of questions, Our FAQ's should be a good place to start with any questions you may have.


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On 1st September, Skype for Business will be deactivated for staff and students, in favour of Teams. Further information about the switch to Teams, can be found at:




Microsoft Teams University is a resource developed by Microsoft to help and advise on the best ways to use teams based on your role as an Educator, Student or Researcher. From the MTUniversity you can join communities, learn about official Microsoft Educators Training and much more ...