Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook

​Learn how to process your email, calendar and to-do list efficiently with Microsoft Outlook, the de facto standard for corporate communication software.  Once you have developed your skills, prove it by gaining a globally renowned Microsoft Office Specialist qualification.

Almost everyone knows the basics of email, so this course focuses on useful - but underutilised tools - such as Flags and Tags, Quick Steps and Search Folders that can help you to be significantly more productive when using Outlook. The course develops learners so that they are able to efficiently process work-based communication in a corporate environment.

COVID-19 - Flexible learning course structure

For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, this course will run as a flexible e-learning course. Learners will have access to all the resources needed to develop their skills, and they will have the opportunity to sit the exam and gain the MOS qualification. The following adaptions to the course will be in place:

  • The initial induction session will be held online through a Microsoft Teams meeting or learners can complete an anytime-induction process.
  • E-lessons and practice projects continue to form the core of the course, as normal.
  • Panopto video recordings of Key Concept sessions will be available.
  • Tutor (and peer) support will be facilitated by the MOS Yammer group.
  • MOS exam sessions will be scheduled as soon as is practically possible when university operations return to normal (i.e. when campuses open for face-to-face learning).

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The course consists of an initial Induction and Key Concept session, comprehensive e-learning and practice projects, a second (optional) Key Concept session and culminates in the MOS Outlook  exam. Estimated learning time: 11–21 hours.

To sign-up for the course, choose one initial Induction and Key Concept session:

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Target Audience

Cardiff Met students or staff.


​Some experience with Outlook is recommended, but full training and resources will be provided.


The course and exam are free to Cardiff Met students and staff, but places are limited.

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The e-learning was excellent. The trainers are fantastic, very helpful. I feel much more confident in using Outlook now

Course Structure

​The course begins with an Induction and Key Concept session. The session explains the resources available – a comprehensive e-learning course, practice projects, Microsoft textbooks and GMetrix practice software – and will set you off on your MOS Outlook journey by exploring how underutilised tools, such as Flags and TagsQuick Steps and Search Folders can make you significantly more productive when using Outlook.

After the initial session, the remainder of the course will be delivered through e-learning, practice projects and an additional Key Concept session on managing your calendar, tasks and contacts. Tutor (and peer) support is available through the MOS Yammer group

The course concludes with the Microsoft Office Specialist exam; a 50 minute, computer assessed exam in which you have to complete several tasks in the Outlook environment.

Visit our Microsoft Office Specialist page to find out more about MOS and the benefits of a MOS qualification.

The amount of learning time depends on your current Outlook knowledge, but as an estimate:

  • Classroom teaching: 2 - 4 hours
  • E-learning: 6 - 12 hours
  • Practice projects and GMetrix exam practice: 2 - 4 hours
  • Certification exam: 50 minutes.
For a total of between 11 - 21 hours.

Upcoming Courses

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Specific Learning Outcomes

The key objectives for the course are:

  • Manage the Outlook Environment for Productivity
  • Manage Messages
  • Manage Schedules
  • Manage Contacts and Groups

View a PDF of the complete MOS Outlook 2016 Exam 77-71 Objectives.


Candidates who successfully pass the exam (Outlook 2016: Core Communication, Collaboration and Email Skills) will gain the Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook qualification. You will receive:

  • a physical and digital certificate
  • a digital badge that can be used to share (e.g. on LinkedIn) and verify your achievement
  • students only - Microsoft Office Specialist is a verified Higher Education Achievement Report (replacement for academic transcript) activity that will appear in section 6.1 of the report; another means of proving to employers you have the skills you claim. The course can also be used as evidence of your professional development for PDP modules.


Got a question?

See whether the Certification FAQs page answers it, or find out more about MOS on our Microsoft Office Specialist page.  If you still have questions, get in touch with the IT Training team via email.