IT Training for Staff

IT training courses for Cardiff Met staff are designed to develop skills staff need to use IT productively at Cardiff Met. 

Our courses include Microsoft Office Specialist courses for Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint and a Microsoft Technology Associate course on the fundamentals of web design—all of which lead to official Microsoft certification. Our Digital Badges at Cardiff Met portfolio of courses develop Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Photoshop and Qualtrics skills; the associated Cardiff Met digital badges provide evidence of those skills.

All of our courses are contextualised to Cardiff Met situations; using examples and exercises that will be familiar and relevant to staff.  The aim is to develop appropriate, transferable skills that can quickly and easily be applied in the workplace at Cardiff Met.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) courses and qualifications

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is a globally renowned qualification programme that certifies expertise in Office software. At Cardiff Met we have combined the Microsoft Office Specialist qualification with our bespoke training programme to offer high quality, relevant training that allows you to prove your skills through MOS certification.


There are three MOS courses available for Cardiff Met staff:

  • MOS Excel logo Microsoft Office Specialist Excel - Learn how to analyse, manipulate and present data in Excel. The course will give you the skills you need to master the principle features of Excel 2016. The course uses Cardiff Met specific examples and exercises, together with official courseware from Microsoft to provide comprehensive resources for learning Excel.

  • MOS PowerPoint logo Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint - Learn not only the technical skills required to use PowerPoint productively, but also the design principles behind creating great presentations.  This comprehensive course explores the full range of PowerPoint features and will enable you to create slides to perfectly complement your presentations.

  • MOS Outlook logo Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook - Learn how to process your email, calendar and to-do list more efficiently. The course examines useful, but underutilised tools, such as Flags and Tags, Quick Steps and Search Folders that can help you to be significantly more productive when using Outlook.

Take a look at our Microsoft Office Specialist page to find out more about the benefits of MOS.


Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA): Web Design Fundamentals course

MTA for HTML and CSS badge

The new MTA: Web Design Fundamentals course develops the skills you need to create, edit and style web pages. On completion of the course, you will be confident in the fundamentals of two key web technologies: HTML and CSS.

Whether you are looking to edit web content – such as Moodle modules, SharePoint intranet sites, blogs or e-lessons – or create your own website from scratch, having a solid understand of HTML and CSS will help to make your pages look great. And you'll have fun doing it!

The course leads to the Microsoft Technology Associate: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS qualification. This official certification from Microsoft provides proof that you are proficient in the fundamentals of front-end web design, a valued skill.

Take a look at our Microsoft Technology Associate page to find out more about the benefits of MTA certification.


Digital Badges at Cardiff Met courses

Cardiff Met's digital credentialing programme provides recognition and evidence of skills and achievements through secure and verifiable digital badges.

Cardiff Met digital badges collage

Successfully completing a course and gaining a digital badge proves that you have developed skills that are relevant to your job role. The current range of courses that lead to a Cardiff Met digital badge are:

Visit our Digital Badges at Cardiff Met page to find out more about the benefits of digital badges and how they work.



Documents and Data @ Cardiff Met

This series of courses help staff manage their SharePoint and OneDrive documents and data effectively, efficiently and securely. The series focuses both on how to use SharePoint and OneDrive and best practice for managing data and documents at Cardiff Met. As you can see from above, the SharePoint courses lead to a Cardiff Met digital badge.

Business Objects is business intelligence software that can be used to analyse and report on corporate data, such as data held in the Student System.  There are two Business Objects courses available:

  • Business Objects: Introduction -  learn how to use the Business Objects Business Intelligence Launch Pad and the Web Intelligence reporting tool.  This course will boost your confidence and ability with Business Objects, allowing you to experiment with reporting capabilities.
  • Business Objects: Intermediate - this course will extend your knowledge of the Business Objects software, enabling you to produce and share complex and well-presented documents.

And Now for Something Completely Different...

These courses provide training in software that's a bit different from usual and can be used in creative and innovative ways.  Relevant tools and techniques are explored with a particular focus on how they can be used at Cardiff Met.

  • Presenting with Prezi - Prezi is web-based presentation software that uses a "zoomable canvas" as the basis for delivering engaging presentations. Get the knowledge and skills to be able to design, create and present memorable presentations using Prezi.
  • Engaging E-lessons with Adapt Builder - explores how Adapt Builder can be used to create engaging, modern looking, effective e-lessons.


Windows 10 Training

Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft, combines new tools and features with a familiar and easy to use interface.  At Cardiff Met we have incorporated additional software and services, such as OneDrive for Business, into the Windows 10 environment, allowing you to be more productive than ever.

Cardiff Met staff can find out more about  Windows 10 through this e-lesson that lets you learn about Windows 10 at your own pace.

Essential IT: An IT Induction for Cardiff Met Staff

Essential IT Logo.pngOur IT Induction programme, Essential IT, is available for new members of Cardiff Met staff. The course aims to: introduces essential IT systems and software that are used throughout the university, explore best practice ideas when using IT at Cardiff Met and provide avenues of support and pathways for further IT Training.

All staff courses are subject to the standard staff development cancellation fee policy.  If you have any questions, please drop us an email: