The following academic skills workshops will take place during the autumn term of the academic year 2018/19. Details of the workshops to be held during the spring term will be posted here at a later date.

The purpose of these workshops is to give you a good understanding of each of the different skill areas covered. They will also provide useful opportunities for you to ask our team of experts specific questions about any aspect of academic practice.

Each workshop will be generic in scope and taught by different members of staff. Please note, multiple sessions of each workshop are being offered but this does not necessarily mean that the content will be vastly different.


In the autumn term, we will be looking at the following topics:

Learning at university
In this workshop, we'll be looking at effective approaches to studying at university. How do you make the most of your learning experience at CMet?

Using MetSearch
This session will provide you with an overview of the features of MetSearch, our library search engine, and some hints and tips on how to find academic sources for your work.

Being critical
In this workshop, we'll be looking at how you can be more critical in your written work. How do you analyse or evaluate information or arguments?

Academic writing
This session will provide an overview of the main features of academic writing. How do you develop an academic voice?

Introduction to research
In this session, we will explore research practice. How do you conduct research effectively? How do you find a research question? How can you search for very specific academic sources?

In this session, we will explore why you need to reference and how you actually format references for a variety of different sources.

Exam preparation
In this workshop, we will provide advice on how to approach revision, overcome anxiety and tackle exams effectively.

Sign-up instructions

The workshops are available to all students at Cardiff Met, undergraduates or postgraduates, whatever course you are studying. You will need to sign up for each workshop through our page on Eventbrite ( To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit our booking page on Eventbrite: here;
  2. Select the workshop you'd like to sign up for;
  3. Click on register and follow the check out procedure.

Please note:

*it's important for you to sign up to the workshops you wish to attend; this will help us to prepare properly for each session;

*please only book one ticket for yourself; we reserve the right to cancel bookings for more than one ticket (to ensure that all students have the opportunity to attend);

*if you are unable to attend a workshop you have signed up for, we would ask you to cancel your booking via Eventbrite to free up the space for another student.

Details of the workshop programme for the autumn term are as follows; new sessions are in bold and underlined:

​Academic Skills Workshops: Autumn term, 18/19
​*LL = Llandaff; CY = Cyncoed
Learning at university
​LL 4 Oct 12-1pm, L2.02
​LL 5 Oct 12-1pm, L2.02
Using MetSearch
CY​ 8 Oct 10-11am, L1.07
Learning at university
​LL 8 Oct 11-12pm, L2.02
​LL 9 Oct 1-2pm, L2.02
​CY 9 Oct 2-3pm, L1.07
Using MetSearch
​CY 11 Oct 11-12pm, L1.07
​LL 11 Oct, 12.30-1.30pm, L2.02
​Learning at university
​LL 11 Oct 5.30-6.30pm, L2.02
Being critical
​LL 16 Oct 2-3pm, L2.02

​CY 16 Oct 2-3pm, L1.07

​LL 18 Oct 10-11am, L2.02

​LL 19 Oct 12-1pm, L2.02

*​LL 22 Oct 10-11am, L2.02

​*LL 23 Oct 12-1pm, L2.02
Academic writing
​LL 29 Oct 12-1pm, L2.02

​CY 30 Oct 2-3pm, L1.07

​*LL 30 Oct 5.30-6.30pm, L2.02
​Being critical
​*LL 31 Oct 11-12pm, L2.02
Academic writing
​LL 31 Oct 1-2pm, L2.02

​*LL 1 Nov 1-2pm, L2.02

​LL 2 Nov 11-12pm, L2.02
Using MetSearch
​CY 5 Nov 10-11am, L1.07
Being critical
*​LL 5 Nov, 10-11am, L2.02
Academic writing
*​LL 5 Nov, 1-2pm, L2.02
Using MetSearch
​CY 6 Nov 10-11, L1.07
​Introduction to research
​LL 6 Nov 12-1pm, L2.02
​Using MetSearch
​LL 6 Nov 1-2pm, L2.02
Introduction to research
​CY 6 Nov 2-3pm, L1.07

​LL 7 Nov 12-1pm, L2.02

*​LL 8 Nov 10-11am, L2.02
Using MetSearch
​CY 8 Nov 12-1pm, L1.07
​LL 12 Nov 2-3pm, L2.02

​CY 13 Nov 2-3pm, L1.07

​LL 14 Nov 12-1pm, L2.02

​*LL 15 Nov 11-12pm, L2.02

​LL 16 Nov 10-11am, L2.02

*​LL 19 Nov 11-12pm, L2.02

*​LL 20 Nov 1-2pm, L2.02
​Academic writing
*​LL 22 Nov 10-11am, L2.02
Exam preparation
​LL 4 Dec 12-1pm, L2.02

​CY 4 Dec 2-3pm, L1.07

​Getting the most out of MetSearch
​CY 19 Mar 12-1pm, L1.07
Getting the most out of MetSearch
​CY 21 Mar 1-2pm, L1.07
Library research skills for Sport
​CY 26 Mar 11-12pm, L1.07
Library research skills for Education & Social Policy
​CY 29 Mar 11-12pm, L1.07

For regular updates on the workshops, please check our Twitter account: @CardiffMet_AST.

If there is a topic you'd like us to cover in a workshop in your School, please let us know by emailing the following address:

​CSAD Undergraduate Workshops

These workshops are open to students in the school studying at all levels. They are designed to support your academic development alongside your other studies.
Dates and timers: TBC. We will update this page as soon as they are confirmed.
​Thursday 11 October
​Understanding assessment
*Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the 'Understanding assessment' session on 11 October. A revised date will be provided shortly.​

​Breaking down an essay question

​Research and resources

​Structuring your work

​Academic writing: overview and features

​Being critical

​Academic writing style: finding your voice